Near Clarksville, Michigan - By Pam Courter

I counted 8 babies at one time playing in the driveway across the street the other evening. 

There looks to be 2 dens down in front of this house.

OK, it is time for my opinion on the Alabama or "Umbrella rig" question. It should be outlawed in every state in the Union! It is like the belly putter in golf. It isn't pure, it isn't true to the sport and good fishermen did fine for years without it. Its a "chicken shit" way to fish like the belly putter is to golf. Let's get back to purity and honor and doing the right thing. So to the powers that be; Ban it as soon as you can and lets get on to the fine art of outsmarting the fish with legal and fair tackle.

Michigan Sunsets

If you have Michigan Sunset image you would like to share, contact me and I would be honored to post them and give you credit for the photo.

October Sunset in Caledonia Michigan taken with an iPhone 5

The Photo above was taken in "panorama mode" by Shane Teelander in Caledonia Michigan with his new iPhone 5.

He is always cutting edge......

Lake Michigan Beach Sunset in September

Lake Michigan Beach Sunset in September

Kent County Parks

First up is the Fred Ruehs Park in Alaska, Michigan. Located on the Thornapple River at 68th Street.

Fred Ruehs Park in Alaska, Michigan

Below is another property formerly owned by Caledonia Pioneer - Fred Ruehs.

Caledonia Michigan hidden park