The Great Blue Heron - The Rookery

A little north of the Pierson, Michigan, US-131 overpass (about 1/4 mile) is a rookery where, in the spring you can see this Great Blue Heron Rookery.

Google-Earth has the exact location tagged so if you have that program on your computer, you can zoom in on the area.

It is not legal to stop on the expressway unless it is an emergency, so we wanted to show you images of this great nesting area and keep you from getting a ticket to see it.

Great Blue Heron Rookery image 1

Great Blue Heron Rookery image 2

Great Blue Heron Rookery image 3

Great Blue Heron Rookery image 4

When it comes to Michigan Ice Fishing, the past couple of years have been thin.

Especially in lower Michigan where the winters have been so mild, I golfed every month of the year 2012.

A few years ago, my Dad (Tee Teelander) and I went up to Cadillac where we both grew up and we took my Shappell 2000 "pop-up" 2 man ice fishing shanty.

It looks like the one below but I don't know the girl....

Shappell S2000e Ice Shelter

We entered from the state campgrounds located on the "Big Bay" at the western end of Lake Mitchell.

It was windy but we managed to get two holes drilled, placed the shanty over them and then crawled into the shanty to fish and enjoy our time together.

We lasted about 2 minutes as a gust of wind came up and started pushing us across the ice to the north as we sat inside our shanty.

We found out that you can't troll on ice and we should have used stakes to hold us in place - Dad loved to laugh and we had a pretty good laugh that day.

The winds were too high for our gear so we gave up fishing for the day and spent the rest of the afternoon with my grandmother at her warm home on the north side of Cadillac, Michigan.

I wish Dad were around today so we could have more laughs and fun on the Michigan Ice.

Ice fishing is fun and a great way to get to know other fisherman.

Since you are not in a boat and you tend to be closer together since ice fisherman tend to crowd a good hole, we tend to root for each other and try to see what the other fisherman has and is catching.

Below you will find some suggested ice fishing items that you should own before you go out on the hard water.

A friend of mine loves his Clam Trapper, 1-man Ice Shelter.

It cost less than $300 - Frabill has one costing under $200 and a very nice Shappell shanty will cost around $330 but they are low in stock.

I have placed images below for you to look at along with other suggested Ice Fishing gear.

Clam Trapper 1 - man Ice Shelter

Clam Ice Armor Cold Weather Ice Suit

On the ice it is critical to keep your core body warm and this Clam Ice Armor Cold Weather Ice Suit $289 (comes in all sizes) is the best priced suit available. I recently saw this suit at Meijers for $350.

Black Mickey Mouse Boots - New Military Surplus $52 to $62

I own a pair of these boots and my son borrowed them working outside in one of the coldest Michigan winters we ever had 4 years back.

He loved them so much, he bought another pair after returning my pair back to me. I am sure he paid over $100 for his pair.

The second most important thing to keep warm on the ice is your feet and these Mickey Mouse Boots - New Military Surplus

$52 to $62 in many sizes - don't wait as these are selling fast this time of year.

2x Ice Cleat Shoe Boot Tread Grips Traction Crampon Chain Spike Winter Sport Snow with Pouch Carabiner

Next you need to make sure you do not fall on the ice.

Any injury from a fall on the ice can not only ruin your day, but it could threaten your quality of life and life itself if you hit your head on the ice.

Make sure you order a set of these that will fit over your boots.

I don't know why they show them on tennis shoes but the spikes are solid and needed if you are going onto the ice.

Just Posted - Michigan Deer Hunt: By Scott Saylor

Just to give you a feel of what I see when I hunt in Michigan, I submitted this article to my Father-in-law to be posted immediately.

I am sending this story and images via text from my cell phone and you can do it too.

Just send your text story and images to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and he will work hard to post your hunt experience right away.

I saw this nice deer on my deer-cam as I got to my Tree Stand and connected the safety strap to my safety harness at 5:30am the day after Thanksgiving November 23, 2012.

I transferred the image below using a micro-SD card and adapter to place the image into my phone to send it to this website.

michigan deer hunt

Here is the view from my stand:

Michigan deer hunt image 3

A few doe's came and went and the nice little buck below came in but the wind shifted and he caught my scent before I could get a shot:

Michigan deer hunt image 2

The wind is getting brutal and the tree is moving too much to be safe so I am heading in for now.

Be back soon......

As a kid I loved watching Michigan Outdoors with Mort Neff.

Mort Neff_Michigan Outdoors

Mort and Howard Shelley would film the most astounding videos on hunting, fishing and almost every aspect of respecting the Michigan Outdoors.

My Dad, brothers and I never missed a Thursday night episode of Mort and his Michigan Outdoors TV Show.

Mort was a graduate of The University of Michigan in 1927. (Yearbook page Image below).

Ann Arbor University of Michigan  Class of 1927 Mort Neff

Mort loved Michigan and shared so many detailed and memorable stories of our treasured State of Michigan.

Mort Neff interview with Fred Trost

Mort Neff interview with Fred Trost at YouTube above

1920 United States Federal Census about Mortimer A Neff

  • Name:Mortimer A Neff
  • [Mortimer A Heff]
  • [Mortimer A Naff]
  • Age:16
  • Birth Year:abt 1904
  • Birthplace:Michigan
  • Home in 1920:Bloomfield, Oakland, Michigan
  • Race:White
  • Gender:Male
  • Relation to Head of House:Grandson
  • Marital Status:Single
  • Father's Name:Irwin H Neff
  • Father's Birthplace:Maryland
  • Mother's Name:Bertha A Neff
  • Mother's Birthplace:Michigan
  • Able to Read:Yes
  • Able to Write:Yes
  • Household Members:
  • NameAge
  • J Allen Bigelow80
  • Isabelle Bigelow75
  • Irwin H Neff51
  • Bertha A Neff44
  • Mortimer A Neff16
  • Irwin H Neff14
  • Timothy Donovan50
  • Bessie E Donovan34
  • Y Oso30

1930 United States Federal Census about Mortimer A Neff

  • Name:Mortimer A Neff
  • Gender:Male
  • Birth Year:abt 1903
  • Birthplace:Michigan
  • Race:White
  • Home in 1930:Birmingham, Oakland, Michigan
  • Marital Status:Single
  • Relation to Head of House:Son
  • Father's Name:Irwin H Neff
  • Father's Birthplace:Maryland
  • Mother's Name:Bertha B Neff
  • Mother's Birthplace:Michigan
  • Household Members:
  • NameAge
  • Irwin H Neff62
  • Bertha B Neff55
  • Mortimer A Neff27
  • Irwin H Neff25
  • Bernice Enger31

1940 United States Federal Census about Mortimer A Neff

  • Name:Mortimer A Neff
  • Age:36
  • Estimated Birth Year:abt 1904
  • Gender:Male
  • Race:White
  • Birthplace:Michigan
  • Marital Status:Married
  • Relation to Head of House:Head
  • Home in 1940:Birmingham, Oakland, Michigan
  • Street:Dorchester Road
  • House Number:2252
  • Inferred Residence in 1935:Birmingham, Oakland, Michigan
  • Residence in 1935:Same Place
  • Sheet Number:61A
  • Number of Household in Order of Visitation:102
  • Neighbors:View others on page
  • Household Members:
  • NameAge
  • Mortimer A Neff36
  • Marian P Neff34
  • Joan E Neff6
  • Marilyn B Neff4
  • Rosalie Wilson20

Michigan Deaths, 1971-1996 about Mortimer A Neff

  • Name:Mortimer A Neff
  • Birth Date:5 Dec 1903
  • Death Date:15 Aug 1990
  • Gender:Male
  • Residence:Harbor Springs, Emmet, Michigan
  • Place of Death:Petosky, Emmet, Michigan