Michigan Indian Mounds I read a lot about Michigan and it's history and I remember reading of Indian Mounds located near the lakes of Cadillac and Mitchell near Cadillac, Michigan.

On a September 2012 fishing trip with my buddy "Garrett", a retired US Marine Captain, we were blown off Lake Mitchell and decided to go golfing.

Cadillac Country Club 


We ended up at the historic 110 year old Cadillac Country Club and they let us play a round of golf on their beautiful course.

The second hole is below:

1st Hole Cadillac Country Club Golf Course

A second image of the course is below - all of the course is mature, beautiful, fair yet challenging.

Cadillac Country Club Golf Course

We were enjoying the course and at the turn we decided to visit the clubhouse, and then start the back nine.

I happened to ask the person working the clubhouse about the history of the course as I remembered being on the course when I was around 7 or 8 years old with my Dad.

I don't remember a lot about the course from back then except for the large number of Acorns that were all over the place. We did indeed see a lot of Acorns!

The person said that there was a lot of history and that we should look at the course as we reached the 200 yard mark of the 12th and 14th fairways.

He stated that as they were improving the course many decades ago, they stumbled onto some bones and artifacts and immediately stopped their work and called in some archaeologists.


It was confirmed that they had stumbled onto an old burial ground and that the graves dated back to around 1,000 years ago.

The work was then devoted to the preservation of the grounds and the fairways were diverted away from the burial grounds.

The image below (Camera aimed to the west) is of Garrett standing next to these sacred burial grounds.

Indian Mounds - Cadillac Country Club

In the picture you can see a yellow truck on M55.

About 100 yards ahead of that yellow truck in the distance (heading west) is a gas station where the "Bears" Ice Cream shop used to be.

You can turn around there, come back and and park on the side of the road to view the mounds from the M55 road.

Below are more images of 2 of the 3 Indian Burial Mounds.

Cadillac, Michigan Indian Mounds

The holes on the course were all very interesting and we were honored to have been allowed to play this fine course knowing that the Country Club Board did their best so many years ago to preserve these sacred grounds.

Indian Mounds near Cadillac Michigan

Winds were gusting to around 35 mph that day and hole number 16, a short par 3, just chewed us up.

If you remember the movie "Tin Cup", that how I performed on that hole and why "Tin Cup" is now a verb.

If you get a chance to drive in the Cadillac, Lakes area and you are not able to play a round of golf at the Cadillac Country Club, you can see the burial grounds from the M55 road. 

On our little golf outing, we used my Garmin Approach S1 GPS Golf Watch to help us navigate the course. 

I golf in a scramble every Monday during the summer and this little GPS watch is compares very well to the lazer devices out there and all I have to do is look at it to know front, middle and back distances.

Garrett used Taylor Made clubs and I played Callaway Golf RAZR X Clubs. Cadillac Country Club 5510 E M 55, Cadillac, MI (231) 775-9442